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Dr.-Ing. Hans J. Scheel - Crystal Growth - Czochalski Flow

Crystal Growth

Czochalski Flow

sound movie
In this movie Dr.-Ing. Hans J. Scheel talks about the simulation of Czochralski flows with 4 visualization methods, Taylor vortices discovered, and invented Co-Rotating Ring Czochralski (CRCZ) technology.
HJS (bottom right) with 3 coworkers — Prof. Sielawa — Prof. Müller-Krumbhaar
CRCZ Patent


H. J. Scheel and H. Müller-Krumbhaar : “Crystal Pulling Using ACRT”, J. Crystal Growth 49 (1980) No. 2, p. 291-296.
H. J. Scheel and J.T. Sielawa: “Optimum Convection Conditions for Czochralski Growth of Semiconductors”, (International Symposium on High-Purity Materials, Dresden GDR May 6-10, 1985) ; Proceedings p. 232-244.