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Dr.-Ing. Hans J. Scheel - Crystal Growth - Slider-free LPE

Crystal Growth

Slider-free LPE

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In this movie Dr.-Ing. Hans J. Scheel talks about Slider-free Liquid Phase Epitaxy (LPE)

The invented slider-free LPE technology (MultiLPE) eliminates the problems of the slider technology and allows any number and thickness of multilayers to be grown. Furthermore can extremely (atomically) flat surfaces be grown, when substrates of small misorientation are used which show the transition to faceting and then the Frank - Van-der-Merwe growth mechanism (layer-by-layer growth) with micrometer interstep distances. - A problem of slider-free LPE is oxidation of the melt surface (scum), which however can be prevented by growth in atmosphere of very low oxygen partial pressure. This was achieved by a super-glovebox-furnace system and a special non-explosive circulating He-H2 gas mixture. A modification of MultiLPE can be developed for mass production of multilayers for highest-performance devices (low dislocation density, perfect flat junctions and growth surfaces), for instance of III-V devices for concentration solar cells, power devices, LEDs etc. when low-misfit substrates are available.


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Prof. Alex Chernov, Prof. Gerd Binnig, Glovebox- Clamshell-Furnace System, Diagram Glovebox system
Prof. Alex Chernov — Glovebox- Clamshell-Furnace System — Prof. Gerd Binnig — Diagram Glovebox system
STM-Schematic, STM-Scan
STM-Schematic — STM-Scan
Multi LPE Patent 1
Patent: Apparatus for the epitaxial growth of semiconducting material by liquid phase epitaxy from at least two source solutions
Multi LPE Patent 2
Patent: Apparatus for manufactoring multi-layered semiconductor elements by means of liquid-phase epitaxy