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Dr.-Ing. Hans J. Scheel - Crystal Growth - Organic Pigment Dyes

Crystal Growth

Organic Pigment Dyes

sound movie
In this movie Dr.-Ing. Hans J. Scheel talks about:
how he joined 1958 Prof. Paul Karrer at Chemical Institute of Zurich University to separate Curare alkaloids by chromatography and 1959 joined Prof. Fritz Laves at ETH Zurich to solve problem of crystallizing organic pigment dye quinacridone.
Prof. Karrer and Curare Pot
Prof. Paul Karrer — Ceramic pot and calebasse with Curare
In the Lab 1958 - Prof.Laves - Precession cameras
In the laboratory 1958 — Prof. Fritz Laves — Precession cameras


K. Ogawa and H. J. Scheel : “The Structure of 4,4'-Diamino 1,1'Bianthraquinone. C28H16N2O4”, Zeitschrift für Kristallographie 130 (1969) p. 405-419.